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Freshen Up Your Summer Wardrobe With Chiffon Sarees

Freshen Up Your Summer Wardrobe With Chiffon Sarees Chiffon, a light, airy and translucent fabric, is the ideal choice for sweltering summers. This fabric is made of tightly twisted yarns comprising of very fine threads. A chiffon saree is one of the most popular products made out of this fabric. The elegance in the drape of a well-made chiffon saree is unparalleled. Having gained a lot of popularity in recent years, the fabric itself has become synonymous with summer wear.

Conventional Indian attires especially sarees in cotton and silk are gradually being replaced by chiffon, not only because of a seasonal preference for this light material but also because of the grace it lends to the wearer. The material falls snugly around the curves of the women.

Pretty Look & Feel Wearing a chiffon saree is also considerably easier than managing cotton, silk and other traditional fabrics. The pleats are easy to gather and do not need to be pressed down for them to sit perfectly. Gathering an…

6 Simple Style Tricks To Wear Dhoti Pants According To Your Body Structure

When Kareena Kapoor experienced the exciting journey from Ratlam to Punjab in her patiala salwar and long white T-shirt in the movie Jab We Met, it set a precedent for the next big fashion trend; the pyjama chic trend! Taking inspiration from it, the fashion industry wasted no time in creating ripples with dhoti pants as the new style statement for women. Dhoti, traditionally a garment meant to be worn as bottom wear for Indian men, has now evolved with a modern twist to become widely popular option in the women’s section. Dhoti pants are comfortable as a bottom wear especially during summers. Unlike denim, which is heavy, dhoti pants are light enough to let the skin breathe and combat the heat. Amazingly, these dhoti pants have breached international borders and landed on the fashion ramps abroad. The success of dhoti pants lies in the fact that, they can work with every body type.

A few tricks and tips can do unthinkable wonders. #1. FOR HOURGLASS-SHAPED BODY
Ladies! What else can …